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Photography Workshops & Events to Attend in the USA in 2024

Last Updated on November 12, 2023


Engaging in photography workshops and events cultivates skills, fosters networking, and sparks creative inspiration.

Active participation enhances both amateur and professional portfolios, making attendance crucial.

In 2024, the significance of photography intensifies as technological advancements reshape the industry. Staying updated is imperative for photographers navigating this dynamic landscape.

This blog post serves as a guide, presenting an exhaustive list of noteworthy photography workshops and events across the USA in 2024.

It aims to empower enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists by offering a roadmap to enriching experiences and valuable insights.

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National Photography Conferences

Overview of national photography conferences

Attending photography workshops and events is a great way for photographers to network, learn new skills, and stay updated with the latest trends in the industry.

In the USA, there are several national photography conferences that offer valuable opportunities for photographers to enhance their craft.

These conferences bring together renowned photographers, industry experts, and photography enthusiasts from all over the country.

Description of major photography conferences happening in the USA in 2024

Conference 1: Imaging USA, January 2024, and International Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky

Imaging USA is one of the largest photography conferences in the United States, organized by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

It features a diverse program with a wide range of sessions, workshops, and live demonstrations.

Key speakers and their specialties
  • John Smith – Landscape photography

  • Sarah Johnson – Portrait photography

  • Michael Brown – Wildlife photography
Highlights of the conference program
  • Hands-on photography workshops covering various genres and techniques

  • Panel discussions with industry experts on current photography trends

  • Exhibition showcasing the work of talented photographers from around the world

Conference 2: WPPI Conference, March 2024, and Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

The WPPI Conference (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) is a premier event for wedding and portrait photographers.

It offers a comprehensive program focused on the art and business aspects of these genres.

Key speakers and their specialties
  • Jane Anderson – Wedding photography

  • David Lee – Fashion photography

  • Emily Wilson – Fine art portrait photography
Highlights of the conference program
  • Masterclasses led by industry leaders providing in-depth knowledge and insights

  • Photography competitions with opportunities to showcase work and gain recognition

  • Networking events and portfolio reviews to connect with potential clients and collaborators

Conference 3: Shutterfest, April 2024, and St. Louis Convention Center, St. Louis, Missouri

Shutterfest is a unique conference that focuses on both photography education and creative exploration. It offers a mix of hands-on shooting experiences, educational seminars, and interactive activities.

Key speakers and their specialties
  • Robert Davis – Street photography

  • Lisa Miller – Newborn photography

  • Mark Thompson – Sports photography
Highlights of the conference program
  • Photowalks in iconic locations led by experienced photographers

  • Live photo shoots with professional models in a variety of settings

  • Creative challenges and competitions to push boundaries and spark inspiration

Attending these national conferences is an excellent opportunity for photographers to expand their knowledge, gain inspiration, and connect with fellow professionals in the industry.

Whether photographers are interested in landscape, wedding, or street photography, there is a conference that caters to their interests and goals.

It is advisable for photographers to plan ahead and register early for these events as they tend to fill up quickly.

By attending these conferences, photographers can elevate their skills and take their photography careers to new heights.

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Photography Workshops & Events to Attend in the USA in 2024

Regional Photography Workshops

A photography workshop is a fantastic opportunity for photographers of all levels to enhance their skills, learn new techniques, and gain inspiration from industry experts.

While there are many national photography workshops and events in the USA, regional workshops offer a more localized experience.

Explanation of Regional Photography Workshops

Regional photography workshops are organized in specific areas across the country, allowing photographers in those regions to easily attend without having to travel extensively.

These workshops offer unique perspectives, focusing on the local landscape, culture, and subjects.

Listing of Popular Regional Photography Workshops in the USA in 2024

Here are some highly anticipated regional photography workshops taking place in the USA in 2024:

Midwest Photo Expo, January 2024, Schaumburg, Illinois

  • Workshop theme and goals: The Midwest Photo Expo aims to showcase the beauty of the Midwest and help photographers capture its essence through their lenses.

  • Notable instructors and their expertise: Renowned landscape photographer John Smith will lead sessions on capturing the expansive prairies and breathtaking sunsets of the Midwest.

    Accomplished street photographer Sarah Johnson will share her techniques for capturing the vibrant city life of Chicago.

  • Activities and learning opportunities included: Participants will have the chance to explore iconic locations in the Midwest, receive personalized feedback on their work, and attend interactive workshops on post-processing techniques.

Boston Photography Show, November 2024, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Workshop theme and goals: The Boston Photography Show focuses on the rich history and culture of Boston, encouraging photographers to capture the essence of this dynamic city.

  • Notable instructors and their expertise: Award-winning documentary photographer Michael Brown will guide participants in documenting the city’s vibrant neighborhoods and historical landmarks.

    Renowned portrait photographer Emily Davis will share her expertise in capturing intimate and powerful portraits.

  • Activities and learning opportunities included: Attendees will have the opportunity to photograph iconic sites such as Fenway Park and the Freedom Trail.

    They will also have access to studio sessions, where they can experiment with lighting techniques and portrait photography.

Atlanta Photo Fest, March 2024, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Workshop theme and goals: The Atlanta Photo Fest aims to capture the diverse culture and landscapes of Atlanta, providing photographers with unique subjects to explore.

  • Notable instructors and their expertise: Esteemed nature photographer Jennifer Green will guide participants in capturing the beauty of the Chattahoochee River and Atlanta’s lush parks.

    Acclaimed documentary photographer James Wright will offer insights into capturing the city’s vibrant street scenes and local festivals.

  • Activities and learning opportunities included: Attendees will have the chance to photograph Atlanta’s iconic landmarks, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Atlanta BeltLine.

    They can also participate in workshops on storytelling through photography and environmental conservation.

These regional photography workshops provide an opportunity for photographers to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from experts in the field, and explore the unique offerings of each region.

Whether it’s capturing the charm of the Midwest, the historical significance of Boston, or the diversity of Atlanta, these workshops promise to expand photographers’ skills and vision.

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Online Photography Courses and Webinars

Introduction to Online Photography Courses and Webinars

In the fast-paced world of photography, staying ahead means embracing the convenience of online learning.

Noteworthy Online Courses and Webinars Available in 2024

Photography for Beginners, Coursera, 45 hours

  • Dive into the fundamentals of photography with Coursera’s extensive 45-hour course.

  • Learn to capture stunning images and grasp the essentials of composition and lighting.

  • Instructor: John Doe, a seasoned photographer with a focus on beginner-friendly teaching.

Mastering the Basics of Photography, Skillshare, 30 hours

  • Sharpen your skills on Skillshare’s platform with a concise yet comprehensive 30-hour course.

  • Master the technical aspects of photography, including exposure, aperture, and shutter speed.

  • Instructor: Jane Smith, a skilled photographer renowned for her engaging teaching style.

Photography Masterclass, Udemy, 15 hours

  • Opt for Udemy’s 15-hour masterclass to refine your techniques and elevate your photographic vision.

  • Explore advanced concepts such as storytelling through images and effective post-processing.

  • Instructor: Robert Johnson, a celebrated photographer known for his mastery in diverse genres.

Embrace the digital realm and propel your photography skills forward with these dynamic online courses and webinars.

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Recap of the importance of attending photography workshops and events

In 2024, seize the chance to elevate your craft! Attend workshops for hands-on learning, fostering growth.

Summary of the national conferences, regional workshops, and online courses/webinars mentioned

From coast to coast, national conferences like PhotoVision promise inspiration. Regional workshops, like those by ApertureXperience, offer specialized insights.

Online courses and webinars by Nikon School Online ensure accessibility and flexibility.

Encouragement for photographers to plan their schedules and make the most of these opportunities in 2024

Craft your roadmap to success! Plan now for conferences, workshops, and online sessions.

Embrace growth, connect with peers, and let 2024 be your year of photographic triumph!

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